Tips to Consider Before Starting Your Woodworking Business

Woodworking business is quite an interesting choice of business as it is not for everyone. You need to have a good understanding of wood and the market in general to do well. There are some things which you need to consider before going ahead with the woodworking business.

What is your niche?

If you take a look at those who deal with woodwork, you will find that very few of them deal with many different varieties of wood. Most of the others have a niche, using hardwood or tropical woods, softwood and laminates. You have to find your niche and decide what kind of wood you will deal with primarily. This will influence the kind of workers you will pick and the vendors with which you will deal for raw material. You have to pick the wood and the options with which you are comfortable with instead of starting big.

Raw materials and costs

If you have made your choice of wood e.g. rubber wood or mahogany, you will have to deal with those who can provide you with a steady supply of wood. The vendors who provide raw material have to be reliable and trustworthy because you cannot afford to turn away clients due to scarcity of wood supply. Hence you will have to network and socialize with as many vendors as possible and choose someone whose costs are more affordable than others. It is not a bad idea to take an expert with you to ensure that you are getting good quality wood for your woodworking business.

Hiring Skilled Labor

Although you can hire more skilled labor as you go along and get your clients, it is very important to start with a couple of highly skilled workers who are good at working with wood of your choice. You can even have them accompany you when you go out for your dealings with the raw material vendors. Getting the right kind of workers is very important for your woodworking business. They have to be committed and skilled because when you can attract clients based on the kind of artistic and difficult work that you can deliver.


You will have to decide your marketing strategy and have a plan. Without proper marketing it will provide very hard for your woodworking business to flourish. You will have to implement a good way of reaching out to people. Resource Box: For more tips on woodworking business and how to establish it,

Questions to Ask before you Launch Your Woodworking Business

Before launching your own woodworking business, you need to ask some basic questions and have their answers. Without the certainty of those answers it is very hard to focus on your goals and have specific aims for your woodworking business irrespective of whether it is large scale or small scale.

Who are the customers you will target?

This is the most important question that you will be asking before starting your woodworking business. You need to know your target customers and clients. That answer will determine your marketing strategies, the type of advertising and even the type of workers you will have to hire. You can cater to the high class segments with expensive wood carvings and wood carving tools that are very expensive and made of the highest quality wood. You can also focus on the home segment in the medium range designing furniture of good quality which is not elaborately ornate but still attractive and of good quality. Another segment that you can look to, are the institutions where the requirement will be different and more practical and utility based.

What are your main marketing strategies?

Even before launching your woodworking business you need to know how you are going to market your products. You need to have a plan on whether you will do photo presentations, exhibitions, promotional offers at reputed stores or send portfolios to corporate houses and then you need to implement the plan properly. If your budget is small, you can focus on internet marketing too which is not a bad idea to get to those clients who depend on the internet to find good references.

What are the prices for your items?

You may or may not operate a store. You can leave a share for your workers and a part of the investment is for buying the wood of your choice. If your woodworking business is operated from home you may be able to offer clients much better and attractive prices which will help you expand your business faster. Therefore you will have to fix a good price for your products depending on the demand in the market and the competition so that you earn sufficient profits to grow your business, do better marketing and hire more skilled workers. At the same time, the items shouldn’t be too expensive to drive away customers especially in the start of a business.

Checklist for Starting Your Woodworking Business

Woodworking business is considered to be one of the easier businesses to operate from home. However, you need to have a proper plan and implement it to be able to get success and expand your business further. Here is a checklist that you can look at before you can launch your woodworking business.

Talk to suppliers of Raw Materials

Your woodworking business needs reliable suppliers of raw materials who can provide you a fixed amount of wood every month, fortnight or year for a certain price. You should be able to trust the suppliers for the quality of raw material they provide. Since your woodworking business is based on reputation, your suppliers need to be committed to their agreements for price, quality and punctuality. Until you have a set of such suppliers, you cannot think of going ahead with your business.

Start with couple of clients

You have to do a few projects for lesser prices to be able to get enough visibility. The more promotion you can get through the clients, the less you can charge them as it is really important for lot of people to view what you are capable of delivering. Hence the first few clients have to be chosen carefully thinking about long term rather than the short term like trading profits for exposure.

Have your designs in place

If you have couple of wood workers in the start, it is a good idea to have them create some good designs which you can offer for exhibitions and advertisement if you are opening a store. A portfolio of good designs or photos of the products that you can build need to be in place for advertisements in order to draw more clients.

Website for internet marketing

If you are doing away with a brick and mortar store to save on costs, it is essential to have a good website with some of your best products, testimonials if possible and the designs that you can produce along with your contact details. Internet marketing is cheaper and you can reach a greater number of people who would be looking for choices on the internet. You can really advertise your woodworking business to a great deal on the internet to reach out to corporate houses and institutions which are looking for quotes online. This way you can compensate for lesser promotions outside due to budget deficiencies.

Tips for Launching a Woodworking Business Successfully

If you are planning to launch your woodworking business, you need to set up the platform by following some tips. A good launching pad and marketing propaganda is required to give the business the right start.


Maintaining a great portfolio is the right way to launch the marketing of your woodworking business. You need to have something to show your potential clients when you meet them which is why a good portfolio is so critical. It speaks for itself and if you have skilled workers with you, you can use the best photos to impress those who are looking for proof. The photos can help convince them that they can give you the contract that you need at the start of your woodworking business. A good portfolio is not only useful to let the potential clients know what you can deliver but also helps them realize how they can plan their living rooms, receptions or other areas better with wooden furniture, wood carvings and other products. Until they see something in form, they find it very hard to visualize how much is possible with wood.

 Photo presentations

Launching your woodworking business through photo presentation is a great way to market it. You will need to organize shows and advertise your services at places where you can find your target customers. Presenting your work at various places especially the more reputed galleries and art houses will help you get art connoisseurs interest.

 Identify your niche and advertise accordingly

You will have to decide whether your woodworking business will be focused towards a specific niche like carvings and decorations with traditional art or it will cater to businesses and institutions where utility takes center stage over art. Once you decide your niche you can advertise accordingly in the right places, whether that is at galleries and art houses or through discounts and show pieces at superstores. 

Focus on Internet Marketing

Internet is a powerful tool and good marketing can really boost your woodworking business to a great degree. A lot of people these days search for good options on the internet. This is how potential clients zero in on their choices. A good website that talks about your products, the wood, the prices and the options the clients have will help to attract more clients towards your business. Good photos of your products and description of services that you can offer through a well-designed site could do the trick


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