CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 AOE: Review

CVLIFE is known for their high-quality scopes, and this is another product that belongs on that list. The first thing we did was check its compatibility with the Rem Mag and it works great. Setting up is easy mainly because the mount is included in the package. Once the scope is set you’ll be able to acquire targets with accuracy.

The scope handles recoil well: firing several rounds is not going to be a problem as it remains firm. The magnification is good and detailed so even if you are several yards you’ll be able to spot the target. The excellent zoom is complemented by the FOV, and the two work well together in giving you the best possible view of your target.

Before you buy this excellent hunting rifle scope you may need to know all the features.

Features and Benefits

• The CVLIFE is illuminated red/green. This makes it easy for you to acquire targets and shoot with accuracy.
• The zoom is at 6 to 24x. If you’re having difficulty seeing the target, just zoom in until the subject is within sight.
• The scope has a 1/8 inch at 100 yards click value. Using this you’ll be able to adjust the scope so it’s easier to hit the target.
• The scope has a field of view of 28 feet at 100 yards. This is going to make it easier to see what’s around you and shoot with accuracy.
• The scope has a 50 mm objective diameter. This is larger than the typical ones found on other scopes so it’s able to transmit light at a higher rate.


• Well illuminated
• Comes with a free mount
• Easy to adjust
• Excellent magnification
• Compatible with a lot of rifles


• Does not work with the Brennan RS1
• A bit heavy
• Back eyepiece does not have a locking ring


The CVLIFE AOE is an exceptionally good scope. It is accurate, reliable and works with a lot of hunting rifles. While CVLIFE has made a lot of good rifle scopes, this is one of the more remarkable ones they’ve got so far.


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