Best Wood Router : Buyer’s Guide

Serious woodworkers make sure they have all the right tools in order to do whatever they want in the shortest time possible while still making it look great.

One of the tools that every woodworker need is a wood router. And if you decide to buy a wood router, I assume you would like a comparison between the best wood routers in 2017. The woodworking market has lots and lots of different tools and variations of the tools, however, not everything works as good as it should and we are here to review different tools so that you can choose which wood router would be the best for you and don’t get lost in the market.

We have done plenty of research and testing before and after making this website and everything you see on Best Wood Router is up to date. We have sorted plenty of different wood routers in an effort to create a great customer support for everyone that loves woodworking. You might be a professional on woodworking, or you might just be a woodworking hobby enthusiast. Whatever the case you’ll still be able to learn a lot about different tools.

What is a wood router?

A wood router is definitely one of the must have tools in someone occupied with woodworking. When you have a good quality wood router you’ll be able to create some amazing woodwork while still using it for many other purposes such as hollowing out the grooves, creating joints, shaping the edges of the wood and other stuff. However, there are different wood routers for a different purpose. So, before buying you need to realize what you want that wood router to do. If you don’t buy the right wood router you might not be able to use it for what you intended. But, even if you don’t buy the right wood router, the one you purchased will still be useful to you for different purposes. However, you must always have a plan of what exactly you want to accomplish and not just waste your time and money. This is one of the reasons Best Wood Router was created, so people that do woodworking don’t waste their time on different websites that are made just to sell out and waste your money. If you are really serious about woodworking, or just want to try and make some furniture for your home then having a wood router is a must because it is a very useful tool to have in this industry. Sooner or later, if you are doing woodworking you’ll HAVE to buy a wood router. Check out which wood routers are the most recommended in 2017.

Wood Router Types

As mentioned before there are different types of wood routers. The basic ones are wood routers with a fixed base and plunge routers. This is due to their different designs and the router type you choose will directly affect the work you want to do with it.

Here’s a great video explaining what is the difference between Plunge vs Fixed based router.

Main Differences Between a Fixed Base Router and a Plunge Base Router:

FixedBaseRouter vs Plunge

Fixed Base Router

A fixed base router has a constant position, the router would protrude with the same cut depth until you change it.


Plunge Base Router

If you are just a beginner and wondering if you should buy either the Plunge Router or a Fixed Base Router, then we would recommend you to go with the Plunge base, just because you can always lock it just like a fixed based router while still being able to change the depth of the cut. But at the end of the day if you are serious about woodworking you’d definitely want to take a look at both.

Interchangeable Base Routers

You might be wondering what types of routers are these if you have never heard of them before. Routers with an Interchangeable base offer the benefits of a plunge base router and a fixed base router merged together. You have a interchangeable base and you’ll be able to put either a plunge or a fixed router on it which is pretty great. However, these can be pretty costly and you might find changing the bases a boring thing to do if you are focused on achieving great wood work.

Wood Routers HP and RPM are crucial to know before buying

Before you decide to buy a wood router, you need to look at the horse power of the router. They have different horse powers such as


Also, the Rotations per minute are just as important as horse power and wood routers can have RPM’s anywhere from 9,000 to 29,000.

There are lots of different factors that make a wood router useful so we would recommend you to check out our full wood router reviews table for the best in-depth information and rating.

Wood Router Accessories

When buying a wood router you need to know that you will also need additional accessories to help you achieve the work you want. Good wood router accessories are:

  • Router Table
  • Fences
  • Jigs
  • Clamps
  • Router Bits
  • Switches
  • Speed Controls

Your router’s functionality will increase tenfold when using some of these accessories.

Wood Router Sizes

Wood router sizes categorized by their power are these:

  • Small – Under 1 HP for light woodworking.
  • Medium –  1 ½ to 2 ¼ HP. These are the most common in today’s woodworking industry.
  • Large – 3 ¼ Used for heavy woodworking.

Types of Wood Router Clamps

If you are serious about woodworking you need to know that in different situations you are going to need different types of clamps.

The most common clamps used in woodworking and with woodworking routers are these:

Pipe Clamps: They are incredibly adjustible and can provide amazing clamping pressure. These clamps have been used for quite some time and are pretty good for edge-gluing boards.

Bar Clamps: They are usually made from aluminum or steel bar, many times they are shaped as an l-beam, Bar clamps are able to provide great clamping pressure and the aluminum helps a lot because it’s lightweight. Bar Clamps can be different lengths.

C-clamps: Shaped as the letter C made from metal. They can provide a very big amount of pressure on a very small spot.

Spring, hand clamps: Best used for quick gluing and fastening purposes that need very light amount of clamping pressure. The person squeezes the clamp locks and handles and the clamping pressure will be determined by the user’s squeezing power.

Parallel-jaw bar clamps: Designed to stay parallel once the clamps are tightened they provide a very strong clamping pressure. Because of them being parallel they help a lot and are very popular on situations where it’s needed to maintain the right angles. They are also available in many different lengths.

One-handed clamps: Bar clamps, that are made of plastic and are very light and popular among users. Mostly used for light clamping purposes. Also available in many different lengths.


It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior and just doing this as a hobby or if you are a professional in woodworking. The best wood router can help you a lot when doing woodworking, so make sure you buy one that will satisfy your needs and keep your soul fulfilled!

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