5 Most Common Tools on Earth

Let’s keep things short. Every time when you think of grabbing some tools from the market, you love to think of multiple use advantage. Right? You don’t want to spend bucks buying tools for just a onetime use, no? Just like you, no one wants this either. Here we are talking; tools that are used in almost every task. We will face 5 of those multi tools that serve a variety of purposes in your day to day life. With no further blabber jabber, let’s dig deep into the main discussion. As I said in the beginning, I’ll keep it real short. And hope you get the juice out of this post.


#1 Pliers:


First things always come first. Pliers are such a wonderful tool to enlist as our number one pick. Ask why. Because it is the mostly used type of tool owned by almost everyone. Trust me. Pliers are basically a hand tool for holding objects firmly. During the Bronze Age in Europe, people used tongs to handle hot metals. Pliers are a developed form of those tongs. The uses of pliers are plenty. It is used for bending and compressing wide range of materials. Cutting electrical wires, pulling out nail or spikes and guess what? It is even used as a fishing tackle by anglers worldwide. You’ll see a set of pliers in the dentist very own chamber as well. But, yes they are of different kinds. The mostly seen is the slip joint and diagonal pliers. Bent-nose, needle-nose, wire stripping, tongue-and-groove, circlip pliers, locking pliers and lineman’s pliers are significantly used for specific purposes. Needless to say, whenever you need pliers, do mental calculations to match things up. Think realistic. Hopefully, you’ll find the right type of pliers that will serve some common uses for you. Thus saving your bucks for other chores.


#2 Measuring Tape

Tape Measuring

Well, by the name measuring tape, you already measured how broad its uses are. No matter what do you do, when it comes to measurements, you love to have it in your pocket. Working with wood crafts, steel constructions, building planning or architectural decors? You definitely wouldn’t miss that. In fact, tape measure or measuring tape is essential for plenty of work areas. The most common varieties are; self-retracting metal tape measure, dual scale Stanley tape measure, metric roll-up tape measure and the cheapest one known as plastic tape measure. However you can measure down to 1⁄32 inch (0.79375 mm) with a tape measure. If you are after flawless subtle work(s), then you obviously need the slide calipers to assist your geek hands. But still, tape measure is yet a must for every home and beyond.


#3 Screwdrivers

Talking of screwdrivers, stop thinking of those old school single bit ones. Those days are over, like decades ago. Lol. Every now and then you got to open things up and reassemble. By the passage of time, uses of screws have become more frequent than ever before. Think of wooden furniture. They didn’t have screws in them back in that time, right? I mean when your grandparents were young. Portability has pushed the use of screws in almost every little thing. Whatsoever, screws are existing in such variables that, the single bit ones will probably screw you up. And multi bits screwdrivers are not that expensive at all. They are real cheap and capable of into different screw heads. As per the consideration of your work, you are choose from power driven screwdriver or manual ones. Whichever you want to pick, think of your long-term goals.


#4 Hammers


Hammer is the tool or device which delivers a blow or sudden impact to an object. They are mostly hand tools, used to drive nails, fit parts, forge metal, and for breaking objects apart. Hammers differ in size, shape and structure. Such as; cross-peen, ball-peen, claw hammer, drilling hammer, brass hammer and the list goes on and on. It depends on the operational purposes. The article would have crossed thousands of words if I just started to tell you about every type of it. From carpenter’s tool bag to engineer’s pocket and doctor’s apparatus; you will find it everywhere if you look carefully. Hold on, don’t get confused with the mallets as they are not hammers. I don’t know why, but I fear you will. So I couldn’t risk but showing you a picture of mallets instead. Yeah, kinda same though.


#5 Power Drill

Our fifth pick is the power drill. You know the importance already, if you are even an average family guy. Statistics show, the percentage of grown up men using power drill, for at least once in a lifetime, is almost 100%. Interesting, isn’t it? I am pretty sure, you’ve drilled into things too. If you are to ask what a power drill is, then my jaw will be hitting the floor. So I’ll escape that discussion naturally. Forget the hand-powered drills. You now have the cordless ones. So why do you bother, eh? Just to be clear, drill press aka pillar drill, pedestal drill, or bench drill are also part of the power drill family. Absolutely, bat they are the industrial ones. Let me tell you a true story short; a household drill saved a boy’s life in Australia back in 2009. The boy, Nicholas Rossi underwent potentially disastrous bleeding within his brain after an accident. Lacking any surgical equipment, the doctor used a household drill to release the blood pressure in his brain. Rossi would have died in minutes, if this had not been done. See? How you can use a drill to save lives! But wait, you’re not gonna try anything like this. If you do, then don’t tell anyone about this article.


End Tip

Flood light or flash light, utility knife and blade, combination wrenches, tool storage, safety glasses, gloves, helmet, hearing and breathing protection also follow the must have basic tool list. But buying things can never be productive unless followed by proper calculations of such factors like; economical advantage, lifetime, usage goals, financial feasibility and most importantly the need of it. For an example, you need a hammer to hang pictures or something, you obviously have no need to spend extra bucks for professional-grade model. But, what if you are gonna build a deck or frame a wall in the upcoming years? I bet, you now know what to purchase. Yes, that professional-grade model.

Remember that basic tools mostly get the maximum wear. So, prefer grabbing the best quality you can afford for the jobs. Keeping a project on hold is the worst when it comes to efficiency. Don’t let it happen because of an undersized or a broken tool.

A tool box is never too big as you’ll fill it up eventually. So don’t dither if you need a tool. Just think realistic to find the best of it. Here’s a hotchpotch of tools that is the most widely used amongst human beings on earth. Not sure about aliens though. Anyways, have a great day ahead. Cheers!


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