light-weight-strollerBefore you even think about buying a best lightweight stroller there are many things you need to think about. In the modern world,we live in the choices are huge and making the right choice can be a little bit overwhelming. With an endless list of jogging strollers, walking strollers, twin strollers, four wheel drive strollers, travel system strollers and combo strollers the list is never ending. Here are the ten most important things to consider before you choose the best lightweight stroller for you and your little one.


You must always enter the journey of buying a stroller with a budget in mind. The most important thing is to keep to the budget. Most people get led astray and end up spending a lot more money but also get a lot less features. Make sure you do the research before you buy and find out what choices you can get for your budget and go from there.


Aside from how much money you have to spend on a stroller the purpose is important. You need to consider how much you will be using your stroller. Are you going to be jogging or walking? Will you be using it everyday? Do you want it compact so it fits into the car? Looking at a sturdy, all terrain type of stroller is important if you are going to be using it every day. If you are looking for something that you will use only once a week and will sit in the back of the car then look at the umbrella version. These are lightweight and compact and will do the job just as well.

Travel System

Travel system stroller appeal to parents that use the stroller as much as they use the car. These all in one systems work from newborn to toddler age. They have the car seat combined in with the stroller. The car seat simply clips into the stroller and then back into the car. This is a good option if you don’t want to disturb a sleeping baby. These stroller frames tend to be more bulky and are heavier when it comes to weight. As well as their advantages they also have their disadvantages and take up more space.

Able To Add More Seats

If you are thinking of having more children in the future with a smaller gap between the ages then this is a neat idea to think of. Having a stroller with the option of being able to add more seats can save a lot of money in the long run. As well as money it can also save you on space. Some even have the option of a space for a toddler to stand on and space for a newborn. Consider this is an option before purchasing.

Steering and Handles

This probably isn’t a factor you would consider but this is just as important. Having a stroller with an adjustable handle is perfect if you aren’t the only one pushing the stroller. It will make life easier on everyone. As well as an adjustable handle look at the steering. You need to test out the stroller and see if it is easy to steer, tip up for curbs and if you can maneuver it with ease. A stroller should make your life easier, not more difficult.


Being able to collapse the stroller with ease is really important. As well as it being compact and able to fit into any space the speed in which it collapses is important. The last thing you need is a screaming toddler in the car waiting for you to work out the levers and buttons on the stroller. Think about the space on the stroller. Can you hang bags of the handle? Is there a basket underneath? This extra space on the stroller could make your experience of shopping with a toddler a whole lot easier.



As well as all of these things to consider you need to make sure the stroller is safe. Check to make sure it is certified against the right standards. Check to make sure the harnesses are safe and are made from durable material which is also soft. Check for any safety clips and other features too which make the stroller safe for your little one.


Overall you need to make your choice carefully. Think about what is more important to you as a parent and what you need the most when it comes to a stroller. Do you require more features like water bottle holders or are you more interested in it being easy to collapse and small when collapsed? Make a checklist and stick to it when browsing for lightweight strollers.

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