5 Reasons to give yourself a foot massage

I wish you knew how important your foot is to you. I’m also sure that your foot is one of the most neglected parts of the body. Whenever you want to test the depth of water you’ll use your foot; you use your foot to kick that nagging dangerous cat, your wear dirty socks frequently on your feet. The truth is: Your feet equally need the kind of treatment your give to some honored parts of your body. In fact, your feet need frequent treatment whether you pay for it or you do it by yourself. This part of your body has reflex points on your ankles; toes and sole that help coordinate your health and emotional issues. Here are the five reasons.

Treatment of a migraine and headache

Have you ever wondered on how you can manage your recurring headache and migraine conditions without constant medications? You can wonder no more as various studies indicate that 20-30 minutes massage a day can alleviate your condition. This massage should be done on the reflex points on your foot. If you can’t do it perfectly by yourself, then you should consider hiring an expert in reflexology.

Improves blood circulation

This era, you will find out that the only time you’re not wearing your closed shoes is when you’re asleep on your bed. This lowers the blood flow especially in the lower regions of your body. Also, if you lead sedentary kind of lifestyle then know that there’s poor blood circulation in you. You should give yourself some excitement on your feet of about 15 minutes. Studies have found this to be one better way of managing Diabetes.

Helps in menopause and PMS in women

What do women hate more than aging and menopause? Early menopause comes because of hormone failure and can result in distress that only regular massage can manage. Take around 15-20 minutes daily, and it will help lower the pain that comes with this condition. The pre-menopause syndrome is another aspect that can bring no joy in your life. Swing mood, severe cramping, and abdominal pains accompany this.

Your swollen legs need massage

Swollen legs are sometimes known as edema, and it’s a condition that arises from inactivity especially around your feet. Edema is common with pregnant women, especially in the trimester. Here, your foot will have swellings around ankles. Its treatments are not medical as it requires a good diet, enough rest, and daily foot massage. Foot massage is also instrumental in treating foot injuries and preventing foot-related injuries. Have at least 15-20 minutes in 3-6 days a week. You can use foot massager in this duty.

Reflexology will help you recover from depression and anxiety. This can be a reality if you can create 15-30 minutes a day for this activity. The result of this will be the absence of sadness and hopelessness in you. The result might not be 100%, but it will surely add you the necessary comfort that you’ve yearned for in the past.


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